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Free SignUp.

ExSys do not charge for user registrations. It is absolutely free of charge. We invite you to join with us to receive Online Services offered by The Department of Examinations, National Institute of Education...

It is recommend to submit 100% accurate information when registration because these information are used to generate all Documents such as Admission Cards, Detailed Results Certificates, Certificates, Etc... ExSys will not take any responsibility for any Inconvenience or Loss happened due to a Incorrect or Incomplete information you submitted.

Required Information

  1. Your Full Name in English as on Birth Certificate. (Do not submit partial or name with initials. We use this name for ID Cards, Admission Cards and Certificates.)
    Each name must be separated by a single SPACE and No extra SPACES after the name.
    Do not submit any Titles or Salutations before or after your full name.
    Eg: Ranasinghe Mudiyanselage Jagath Chandana Ranasinghe
  2. Your Date of Birth according to NIC / Birth Certificate.
    Eg: 1973-05-30
  3. Strong Password to protect your account. It should be atleast 8 characters containing Uppercases(A-Z), Lowercases(a-z) and Numbers(0-9).
    Eg: An38Jk62
  4. Current SLIN / NIC Number (National Identity Card Number) and Previous NIC Numbers. (If any old ID Numbers ended with V or X)
    Eg: SLIN: 197326501250 / NICV: 732651250V / NICX: 732651250X
  5. Own Email Address. (Only one user can use one email address. If you do not have an email, please create one before.)
  6. Own Primary Mobile Phone Number with SMS and WhatsApp facilities. (Only one user can use one Primary Mobile Phone Number.)
    Eg: If your mobile number is 0719999999; submit it as +94719999999
  7. Backup Mobile Phone Number. (You can use your own or relation's number for this.)
    Please do not submit same number to both fields.
    Eg: If your backup mobile number is 0779999999; submit it as +94779999999
  8. Digital Profile Image - JPG (Square shape .jpeg, .jpg, .png or .gif image with 200px X 200px in size is recommended. We use this image for your ID Cards.)
  9. Your Postal Address in English.
  10. Other personal info such as Mother-tongue, Gender, Etc...


You have to read and accept conditions on following pages to register with us.

  1. IDs and Codes Standards
  2. Terms of Use
  3. Privacy & Cookies Policy

Step 1 - Signup as a User

  1. Press the SIGN UP Button on right side of the main menu.
  2. Fill-in the Sign Up form accurately and Submit.
  3. Verify information you entered and Confirm.
  4. ExSys will give you a UserID. Please Print and file your UserID and Password or Password Recovery QR for future requirements.
  5. Log in to the ExSys using your UserID and Password.

Step 2 - Update Personal Details, Service Records and Qualifications

When you are logged in to the ExSys, system will show you your Profile Page.

  1. Update your Personal Details such as identification image, title, gender, personal details, etc..
  2. Update Occupation/Service Records. You are able to add multiple records to this section. Do not miss to mark your current full-time occupation.
  3. Update Qualifications. Qualifications are listed as three sub sections for SLQF, NVQF, and Other Qualifications. You are able to add multiple records to these sections.

Please use Edit Button [✎] on the right of each service or qualification records to re-edit or upload certificate proof images.
You can remove/delete records using Delete Button [⌫].

Date Created: 2021-02-10 | Updated: 2022-08-24 | Hits: 42831

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