MC : Master of Education Degree (Course Work) (MEd(CW))

Offered by: Faculty of Teacher Education and Alternative Education

The course leading to the Degree of Master of Education is a 60 credit point course which includes 25 credit points for contact lecture hours and 35 credit points for individual work hours.

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2022 Syllabus | 30 Credits | SLQL 9

Target Group

This course is mainly for personnel working in the Sri Lankan education system. In case of overseas students the candidates have to be recommended by the Ministries of Education / Governments of the respective countries.


The candidates who complete the course successfully should be able;

  • to communicate competently and confidently for one’s own success and also for the success of educating others,
  • to adapt and modify available delivery systems to pave the way for high quality education,
  • to investigate and act upon issues pertaining to education for the sake of one’s own professional development and also for promoting the quality of education,
  • to reflect upon behaviours, practices and interventions of one’s own for further improvement of professional capabilities,
  • to make an accurate assessment of one’s own strengths, weaknesses and future needs for continuous professional growth,
  • to develop successful collaborative professionals.


  • Sri Lanka Teacher Service (SLTS)
  • Sri Lanka In Service Advisors (SLISA)
  • Sri Lanka Principals’ Service (SLPS)
  • Sri Lanka Teacher Educator Service (SLTES)
  • Sri Lanka Education Administrator Service (SLEAS)
  • The Principals & Teachers of Pirivenas or Government approved schools
  • The Academic officers of the National Institute of Education or government approved Educational Institutes

The participants must have obtained;
a Postgraduate Diploma in Education with minimum 5 B passes
or a Bachelor of Education degree with minimum 5 B passes
or a first degree with a class and a Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

Candidates will be selected on the results of the Entrance Examination and the selection interview.

Overseas candidates should possess equivalent qualifications acceptable to the Academic Affairs Board of the National Institute of Education. The candidates should be below 50 years of age on the date of closing of applications.

Programme Structure

The course leading to the Degree of Master of Education is a 60 credit point course which includes 25 credit points for contact lecture hours and 35 credit points for individual work hours.

When considering lecture hours fifteen hours of lectures are taken as being equivalent to 01 credit point. The credit point is defined as the time spent in learning activities that directly relate to requirements to complete the respective qualification. This includes instruction time ( in classroom or otherwise).

In case of self / field work forty five hours are considered as being equivalent to one credit point. Self / Field work includes library time, time spent on reading, researching and writing to fulfill the requirements of the respective qualification.

Programme Streams or Categories

0 - None


Course duration is 12 months and maximum of 60 months.


Application Fee: Rupees 300.00

Entrance Exam/Test Fee: Rupees 1,250.00

Registration Fee: Rupees 2,000.00

Programme Fee: Rupees 100,000.00 in 2 Instalment(s).

Examination Fees: In addition candidates have to pay examination fees when appling examinations.

Programme Coordinators

National Coordinator | Coordinator

Mrs. A. K. Panagoda
National Coordinator / Senior Lecturer
Department of Teacher Education
National Institute of Education
Maharagama 10280

Mobile: +94712908484
Office: +94117601737


Date Created: 2023-06-24 | Hits: 14163

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